Helix and MGM Compro

Crossflow effects at 80 Km/h

For this first runway test we use propellers of our partner Helix. Due to the runway length in Zlín we can only accelerate up to 80 km/h, so that we can slowly get used to the crossflow effects. For future tests on longer runways, we plan on achieving up to 140 km/h with the test truck. However, these first tests with 80 km/h already provide a great learning curve about encountered structural loads and vibrations as well as nonlinear propeller forces and moments. These insights improve aircraft structure design, aircraft performance predictions as well as propeller models, which are important for later control design. After the last test is done and the sun is finally gone, we all are relieved but at the same time excited for the new challenges arising from the insights of this first test. The AVILUS team is looking forward to take these next steps in optimizing possible eVTOL power train solutions together with its partners Helix and MGM Compro.