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Niclas Bähr, M.Sc.Project ManagerAfter the completion of his masters degree in mechanical engineering at the Technical University in Munich, Niclas became a research associate at the Institute of Flight System Dynamics. During the last three years, he worked as a flight physics engineer on a multitude of industry projects spanning from classical aerospace to the domain of urban aerial mobility. He is currently in the final stages of his doctoral degree programme.
Dr.-Ing. Parag SewalkarChief Technology StrategistParag is a Chief Technology Strategist at BINZ Automotive. He is responsible for the Internet of Disaster-Sector Things (IoDST) framework which serves as BINZ’s strategic platform for disaster management solutions. He brings in an understanding of wireless communication and its various domains, the semiconductor industry, and computer systems engineering. He holds a PhD from the Technical University of Ilmenau (Germany), a Master's from Syracuse University (USA), and an undergraduate degree from the University of Pune (India).
Max Söpper, M.Sc.Chief EngineerMax is an aerospace engineer in his final stages of obtaining his PhD at the Technical University of Munich. After graduating in the master program mechanical engineering at TUM, he joined the Institute of Flight System Dynamics as research associate. He worked on flight performance assessment as well as on electric propulsion system sizing and design for various aircraft development projects.

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