Join our roll-out: Tag der Bundeswehr –
June 17, 2023 in Munich
Due to the medical concept of ultra-fast evacuation after life-supporting measures from the danger zone to qualified surgical therapy, the new rescue device acts like a drug with which precious time can be saved to give the injured person and the surgeon a fair chance to perform life-saving operations. We keep the operator efforts at a minimum in terms of crew training, maintenance and flight operations. In contrast to standard solutions our flight system comes at a fraction of acquisition and operational cost. We understand our system as a complement to the existing rescue chain. Therefore, the concept of operations fits the standard rescue procedures. Low operational complexity and low cost enable a high system availability as the only way of assuring readiness for duty. Due to the many years of previous experience and preparatory work at the Chair of Flight System Dynamics at the Technical University of Munich, as well as the experience of the team, we are now able to build an impressive demonstrator system relatively quickly. We assure that in catastrophic events different organizations and authorities can operate together in a coordinated manner. Every mission participant has access to the situational picture, patient and system data as well as mission orders in real-time. We do not rely on existing communication infrastructure. Our network backbone is independent and self-sustaining. The backbone is secured against intruders and ensures availability by multiple redundancy layers. As a manufacturer of rescue vehicles, medical containers and mobile rescue systems, BINZ is a long-standing partner of the Bundeswehr. In the civilian sector, our vehicles and systems contribute to the improvement of health care, public security and disaster management.